• Sizing
  • application
  • removal
  • shapes

You'll want to measure the widest part of the nail with a tape measure or by placing a piece of tape over your nail, marking off where your nail ends, and measuring it against a ruler.

Use the sizing chart to determine which size best suits your nails. Please note that the sizing chart of each product may vary, please refer to the detail page of each product for the specific size chart.

For more details, please see the pictures and video below.


  1. Use a measuring tape, to measure the distance from one edge of your nail to the other. 
  2. Write down the measurement. Repeat this step for each nail, on both hands.


  1. Take a piece of paper or tissue around the widest part of the middle of your nails.
  2. Draw marks on both sides with a pen, and then measure the width with your tape measure, straight ruler, or triangle ruler.
  3. If you don't have a ruler handy, use your phone's measuring app instead.

Follow the steps below to apply your press-ons now!

Please note that it is difficult to re-wear after applying nail glue, if you would like to wear your press-ons multiple times, it is recommended to choose the artificial taps application.

For a more detailed demonstration tutorial, please click to view the video at the bottom.

step 1: nail preparation

  1. Remove any nail polish and trim the rim and shape your natural nails with a nail file.
  2. Wash hands thoroughly with soap.
  3. Buff the nail gently using the nail file and push back the cuticles with the wooden stick for better adhesion.
  4. Wipe each nail using the alcohol wipe provided to remove any remaining oil or dirt.
  5. Select the correct size nail for each finger and set them aside in order.

step2: method 1 - adhesive tabs application(temporary wear)

  1. Choose a tap that best fits your natural nail.
  2. Apply artificial tabs to your original nails, press & smooth; peel off the film.
  3. Align the bottom of the artificial nail with the bottom of your natural nails first, and press down firmly and hold the nail down for 10 seconds allowing it to stick evenly from all sides.

Step2: Method 2 - nail glue Application(up to 14 day Wear)

  1. Apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the artificial nail.
  2. Apply a small dot of glue to the natural nail.
  3. Align the bottom of the artificial nail with the bottom of your natural nails, gently press on & hold for 15 seconds.

*pro tips

  • Avoid contact with water for a few hours after application.
  • Avoid applying too much force or pressure to your nails, to prevent them from popping off.
  • Try to remove potential air bubbles by pressing to extend wear time when attaching the nail piece.
  •  Apply enough glue to avoid air pockets, secure properly, and extend wear time.
  •  Immediately wipe off excess glue if over-gluing occurs.

Don't know how to remove your press-on? Don't worry, follow the steps below to start removing your press-on nails!

Check out the video below for more details.

remove the adhesive tabs

  1. Soak your fingers in warm water for several minutes before peeling off the nail tips.
  2. Gently pry off the edges of the Nailpoper nails with a wooden stick.
  3. Gently roll up the adhesive tabs attached to the nail bed and the Nailpoper nails.

remove nail glue

  1. Soak your fingers in warm water to soften the glue bond for several minutes. And it will need to soak longer than nail tabs.
  2. Gently tilt out the gap between the nail bed and the Nailpoper nail with a wooden stick.
  3. Use a brush to drip the solution of Nail Glue Debonder (This product is not in the set and needs to be purchased on the website) into the gap and let the glue dissolve for 5-10 minutes.
  4. After the glue dissolves, continue gently prying the nails until they can be safely removed. If necessary, repeat the above steps until the false nails can be peeled off. Never force or pull nails off as this may damage your natural nails.

We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience with our press-on nails. That's why each of our current styles has been carefully designed to fit the specific shape and style we believe is best suited for that design. 
When selecting from our styles, we recommend that you consider the shape options available:

1.Almond nails: If your natural nails are rounded or you prefer a more traditional, classic look, choose round-shaped press-on nails.
2.Coffin nails: If your natural nails are square or you prefer a modern, edgy look, choose coffin-shaped press-on nails.
3.Oval nails: If your natural nails are oval or you prefer a softer, feminine look, choose oval-shaped press-on nails.
4.Stiletto nails: If you want a dramatic, bold look, choose stiletto-shaped press-on nails. Keep in mind that these may not be as practical for everyday wear.

In addition to the tips provided, it is also suggested to choose a press on nail style that complements your skin tone and personal style. It's important to remember that press on nails should not be forced to fit or filed down too much, as this can damage your natural nails. 

Overall, taking the time to choose the right size, shape, and style can ensure a comfortable and stylish press on nail experience.

Here are some of the most popular nail shapes Nailpoper has: